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Running races, obstacle races and adventure races are a fantastic way to get out and active this summer. Whether you’re a company looking to build unparalleled office camaraderie and develop skills such as leadership, communication, perseverance, cooperation and problem solving, a family that wants to stay FIT together with an exciting challenge, or just an individual looking for an unforgettable athletic event, we’ve got a race (and discount code) for you.

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1. Best for FIT Families: The Superhero Scramble has race types designed for the whole family from ages four years and up – whether you’re up for the challenge of a Super Kid, Charger, Intimidator or Villain, which range from seven to more than 30 obstacles total. For the overachievers in your family, there is always Superhero Legend status, which requires competing as a Charger, Intimidator and Villain within one year.

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For the family who just can’t get enough fit fun, check out the Biggest Loser RunWalk Race Series. These are great events that travel nationwide and suit any age or level, which makes it perfect for all members of the family – for first-timers to competitive runners.

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2. Best for the Ultimate Thrill Chaser: The Spartan Race is the global leader in obstacle racing and originally designed by seven ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. There is nothing more brutal than their Death Race. This is the highest level of Spartan Challenge at more than 48 hours of obstacles and not for your typical office cube dweller. The web site name says it all:

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3. Best Girl Power PartyThe SHAPE Diva Dash is a women’s obstacle adventure run that leaves the barbed wire, fire and mud pits of other adventure races behind in favor of fun, playful obstacles that still challenge agility, balance, strength and speed – not to mention lots of tutus, boas and bling.

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4. Best for Anyone Who Has Always Wanted a Human Car Wash: Bringing new meaning to the idea of water-cooler talk, the 5K Foam Fest prides itself on getting participants “filthy clean.” In addition to the climbing walls and mud trenches of other races, the 5K Foam Fest differentiates itself with it’s waterpark-grade fun, including a 30-foot slip-n-slide, a 45-foot watery death drop, and, yes, lots and lots of sudsy, bubbly foam.

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5. Best for the Spook Seeker: Starting at dusk and ending under the eerie glow of a full moon, The Vampire 5K is part running event and part survival game. Participants sign-up as either Citizens or Vampires and compete through fog and “red powder zones.”

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