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Summer Fitness Bucket List

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A “bucket list” is simple, and we’re all familiar with the concept. It’s the things you want and NEED to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. Most of the time, people’s bucket lists include items like swim in the Black Sea or visit Antarctica. But that got us thinking- what about a fitness bucket list? There are so many unique, diverse and compelling fitness options out there – which are the ones we feel everyone should try before their time is up? Without further ado, it’s our Summer Fitness Bucket List!

1.    Piloxing


Hollywood’s latest celeb fitness craze! An ingenious mix of Pilates and boxing, Piloxing kicks butt!

Cynthia Phillips, owner of Absolute Body Symmetry in Atlanta, GA, couldn’t agree more with the current hype surrounding Piloxing. She describes Piloxing as a “unique blend of core strength, punching power, and ballet.” Says Cynthia, “The infusion of the various styles makes for an extremely efficient full body cardio, endurance, and strength building exercise option. All of that and it’s fun too!”

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2.    Water Works! 


We’re talking, of course, about a Stand Up Paddle Boarding class. SUP is all of the rage for Summer 2013- this is one balancing act you don’t want to miss.

One of our favorite SUP locations is Sunrise Paddleboards in Fort Lauderdale, FL. According to owner Brian Galton, “Paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world because it is easy to learn and provides a great core exercise, while having fun playing on the water!”

3.    Go Urban


Explore a new city with a walking or biking tour! This is the absolute best way to experience a new environment.

Even if you’re not planning your trip around being active, you can turn any city or locale into your own fitness playground. Says Benson Cheng, Product Manager of, “We have tours for the active vacationer worldwide. You can bike to a monument or around a historic city, explore nature with a camping or hiking tour in a National Park, or go on a scavenger hunt that will really allow you to check out a new area in an exciting way. These tours are a great way to be active, and a great way to see the sites. There’s no better way than walking or biking to really experience the sites, sounds and activity of a new city.”

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4.    Get Dirty


Test the limits of your physical capacity and sanity with one of our thrilling, pulse pounding obstacle races. See them all at

One of our fave races in Gladiator Rock ‘N Run. According to Mallory Roberts, Production Coordinator at Gladiator Events, LLC, “Obstacle races give runners the ability to become more involved with the world around them. With companies pushing for more hours in offices and behind desks, people are becoming less active and more separated from social interaction. OCR’s give people the opportunity to push their limits physically and mentally while reconnecting with the world through the camaraderie and teamwork required to complete many of these races. There is nothing like being covered in mud, being three miles into a 5+ mile event, conquering obstacles that challenge the body and spirit, and crossing that finish line to earn a medal. Racers know the true satisfaction after completing the event is the fact it was completed.”

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5.    Tennis anyone?


Master your swing and serve with a private tennis lesion from a knowledgeable instructor. According to master instructor Randy Walker of Randy Walker Tennis in New York City, “Tennis is an amazing sport because it provides an easy anaerobic full body workout. You are starting and stopping and running and stopping and sprinting and stopping and many physicians and exercise scientists say that is the best kind of workout to have.  Not only that, but it is literally a sport for a lifetime. You can play when you are four years old and play when you are 94 years old. My 79 year old mom just hit some tennis balls with my 7-year-old godson. They both had a ball!”

6.    Martial Arts


Learn the ancient art of self defense and get an excellent workout in. Can you say Karate Kid?

According to Scott Shetler, Owner of Extreme Performance Training Systems in Atlanta, “There are many tremendous benefits to be gained from involvement in the martial arts, which include, self-defense skills, discipline, and improved health and vitality. Some may even choose martial arts as a competitive endeavor- just look at the popularity of the sport of Jiu Jitsu as well as the Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. I personally feel the greatest benefit from studying martial arts is the self-development aspect. This is why in my own personal practice, I’ve gotten away from the more external and combative arts and have been studying the internal martial art of Taijiquan. Regardless of the style you choose, one of the most important factors to consider is that martial arts practice is one of the best ways to become totally present, to bring your attention into the here and now. In this aspect martial arts can be considered a form of moving meditation, something Taiji is very often referred to as. In Ch’an (Zen) there is a concept of Mushin, or a state of no-mind. This is really a freedom from the attachment of thought, a state of supreme awareness. Consider for a minute that most of us spend our time regretting the past and worrying about the future, which takes us out of the present moment and how negative of an impact this may have on our health and well-being. By studying martial arts you can learn to calm your mind and bring your attention into the present moment and in doing so can experience true freedom and self-enlightenment. ”

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7. Lose Big in a Running Race


The Biggest Loser Run/Walk series is a nationwide movement towards better health…will you walk or run with us? According to Christina Morlock,  Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Biggest Loser Run/Walk, “There is absolutely no other feeling like crossing the finish line. Whether it is your first 5K or half marathon, the emotion of completing a race gives an incredible sense of accomplishment. Many of our participants in The Biggest Loser Run/Walk races are first time runners and walkers and many of them are on a weight loss journey. I would encourage everyone to experience the feeling of running or walking a race – participating boosts confidence and your getting fit while having fun. For me, you’re only competing against yourself during a race. Challenge yourself with a race on your fitness bucket list and surround yourself in the running community. You’ll be surprised how many amazing and encouraging people you’ll meet.”

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8. Torch some Fat


A kettlebell workout is one of the best ways to lose weight, improve your strength and get in the best cardiovascular shape of your life. According to Vincent Metzo, Director of Education at Kettlebell Concepts, “Fifteen years into my fitness career I found kettlebells and the dynamic, momentum and skill based foundation kettlebell exercises changed how I train. Real life uses momentum, fast movements and requires dynamic stabilization of all body segments in an upright bipedal posture. Traditional foundation kettlebell exercises like the swing, high pull clean, jerk and snatch are an incredibly natural way to experience how the body was meant to move- as a coordinated, efficient system where the movement of each segment is sequentially integrated with that of the next to create a whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. Bucket list- yeah, but once you start swinging kettlebells it’ll be hard to stop. Considering the health benefits of kettlebell exercise, you may need a longer bucket list once you start.”

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9. Have some soapy fun

5k foam fesr

5K Foam Fest is one of the most unique fitness experiences you’ll ever have. You’ll be clean and dirty at the same time- and trust us, it’s an amazing feeling! According to Rudyard Hopkins of 5k Foam Fest, “With the usual fun that comes with mud runs, we build on that by using large foam machines and inflatable obstacles including huge slip and slides, lily pads to test your walking on water abilities, bounce houses fill with foam and giant yoga balls and the largest inflatable slides in the nation (over three stories tall). We affectionately call them the death drops (some fuel for your proverbial bucket list)! Yet another dimension to the 5k Foam Fest equation is that every event that we run is always linked to a non-profit organization. A portion of our proceeds always goes to support the great things that are going on in the communities of all our venues. We are dedicated to inspiring a healthier, happier society through the combination of exercise and philanthropy.”

Get $10 off any 5k Foam Fest with code TOURDEFIT.

10. Giddy up


Horses: the original cars. Strengthen your leg muscles and meet a big, hairy new friend with horseback riding! According to Suzzane Warmack of Bel Canto Farms in Wimberley, TX, “Riding well, like martial arts, is a lifelong pursuit. An individual can learn to ride at any age. I have a student who is 73. She loves riding! Many of my adult students say it is great stress relief and an opportunity to get ‘earthy’ and a little dirty. Riding well and correctly is hard work that requires a delicate balance between strength and subtlety. There is something about developing a rapport with a horse that is vastly different than say a dog or other pet … There is a communication and trust that grows from working with horses unlike any other — horses don’t judge you.”

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11. Take your Cardio to the Max


BLAST900 in Atlanta is a workout that will leave you breathless. How else is it possible to burn 900 calories in an hour?? According to Missi Wolf, President and CEO BLAST900, “If you are reading this, you are the perfect candidate to put BLAST900 on your fitness bucket list.  Here is why:  You will be challenged, you will be motivated, and you will reach new heights in your own personal fitness goals.  BLAST takes cardio interval training to a different level.  Alternating blocks of time spent on treadmills that go higher and faster, coming to the floor to work every muscle group in your body with various pieces of equipment, the single best instructors on the planet, and music that motivates you to bring your best.  Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking for that workout that will top it off, BLAST900 THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT will take you to an entirely different level.  Put this on the top of your fitness bucket list!”

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12. Rock Climbing


Get your thrills by scaling a rock wall this summer! Our favorite spot: Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym in Atlanta. According to General Manager David Turrentine, “Anyone can climb.  Climbing is a finesse type of sport that utilizes body and brain. When we climb routes, we have to figure out a way to make it up, but by using your brain, legs and balance. It’s a tremendous workout!”

Get the Introduction to Gym Climbing Class for only $15 (reg. $35) at Atlanta Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym!

13. Experience Yin Yoga


This restful style of yoga will truly rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. According to Angela Beaver- Harris of Atlanta Yoga Instructors, “ Yin Yoga is a more meditative and deeper approach then to the typical fast paced yoga that you may be used to. During a Yin yoga class the goal is to access the deeper tissues and muscles as well as going deeper emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This is a more intimate style of yoga. Yogis interested in this type of practice should be ready to get in touch with feelings, thoughts, and emotions!” 

Book an in-home or office session with Angela today and experience yin yoga for yourself!

14. Lose Yourself in the Great Outdoors


And for a totally new immersion experience, how about hiking through one of the most beautiful locales on Earth? That’s what our friends from Fitpacking do on every trip, with upcoming excursions to the Redwood National Park, Crater Lake National Park and Mt. Ranier National Park.  According to Bree Gotsdiner, Fitpacking’s Director of Media Relations, “Fitpacking provides participants a supportive environment in which slower hikers can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Every trip goes through at least one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The trips each have their individual challenges, flora and fauna, and some have side excursions. If you love the outdoors and want to get in better shape, Fitpacking has a trip for you.”

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15. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day


When you expect your body to work hard for you, it’s crucial to spend time relaxing, recovering and rejuvenating after exercise. A fantastic way to do this is to book some time at a spa. One of our favorites is Chateau Elan in Atlanta, GA. According to Doug Rollins from Chateau Elan, “A spa visit can be the perfect way to refresh your body and mind. Our talented therapists will give you the rejuvenation you need to get back to the real world.” Sounds good to us!

Now, get a Spa Day Pass at the Luxurious Chateau Elan for only $25

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