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Corporate Wellness: Employees Speak out on the 7 Keys to Success

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Ever wonder what employees really think about Corporate Wellness Programming?® designed, implemented and completed an affordable and impactful custom 12 week employee and dependent workplace wellness challenge for Printpack, Inc., a global company with a solid reputation for “best in class” wellness programming. Now we’d like to share some actual tips provided by employees and their families on what they think it takes it takes for companies like theirs to create successful wellness programming, challenges and communications.


About the Challenge – The Triple Threat Challenge is a multi-lingual and easily customizable Corporate Wellness Challenge created by to engage employees and their families to develop or build upon healthier habits. The 12-week initiative covered stress-relief, fitness and nutrition. Interested in learning more about the Triple Threat Challenge? Email us at

This Challenge was designed in collaboration with employees, tailored to fit their wellness needs, interests and goals.  After an exhilarating 12 weeks, here’s what the employees and their families had to say:

1. “Want us to participle in Wellness Programming?  Let us help you create and design programs and challenges.” – So that is what® did. With the help from employees, human resources personnel and executives® designed The Triple Threat Challenge, an exciting 12-week wellness initiative focused on healthier eating and fitness habits.  The development of the Challenge was informed by a holistic employee/dependent survey and was tailored to meet their expressed needs.

2. “Dive in! Execs and Human resources cannot sit on the sidelines.” – If you want employees to trust and engage with the executive team and Human Recourses it is simple:  join in. Here is some feedback we received, “Knowing our CEO was participating made our area realize that he cares about the health of our families and about his own. That makes us proud.” Employees from Printpack UK and Poland locations were especially impressed with their HR department in relation to the challenge participation. In addition to participating in the challenge, they added their own personal touches, creating their own ways to sustain positive momentum. A Polish employee noted, “We had nice reminders every Monday like an apple sitting at our desks for Veg Out with Fruits week, a note pad for the “Pay it Forward” week and more. The HR team was constantly brainstorming for new ideas while participating.” In the UK, similar stories rose up showing how HR and Executive involvement in Wellness Programming strengthens bonds, teamwork and respect. “Our human resources team provided fruit within the company when it was the “veg out on fruit week and provided bottled water and glasses when it was the water challenge week – Hydration for Salvation”.  And more: “This week they are encouraging associates to join them in a walk during their lunch break. I think their support during the challenge has been great.” 


3. No one size fits all, customize to meet our needs!” – Sounds simple enough but when you are designing an employee wellness challenge for a global company with locations throughout the US, Poland, China, UK and Mexico, with over 4,500 employees, you need to know your employees. Everything from the communication to the challenges and the tips for success was customized for each country to represent both the employees’ interests and cultural variations. The Challenge also allowed for weekly review and feedback. Employees were asked what they like so far, dislike, thoughts on opportunities for upcoming Challenges as well as overall thoughts. This allowed for real-time adjustment and modifications to the program. Remember, each person is totally unique, and if you are willing to listen, everyone has a story to tell. You never know how a wellness program can change someone’s life “It allowed me to get back into the groove or working out and preparing for my upcoming wedding.”

4. “Registration and Tracking should be easy.” – It’s crucial to make your registration, tracking and reporting as seamless as possible so nothing gets in the way of the execution of your Wellness Program. In the Triple Threat Challenge, participants simply signed up on their custom page, confirmed weekly completion, and accessed results/points as well ask giving feedback in an intuitive, secure online system.

5. “Communicate regularly and keep it real!” Participants in the Triple Threat Challenge received fun and informative bi-weekly e-newsletters directly to their email to stay motivated. “Every Monday and Thursday, I print out the challenge newsletters and post them to our fridge so that my daughter and I can discuss how we are going to succeed in the weeks challenge.” And as always, feedback was paramount. Participants were particularly blunt about their communications likes and dislikes.  Newsletters needed to be customized to them (in other words not pre-written), in their language (in this case English (US and UK), Chinese -Mandarin, Polish and Mexican Spanish), with real time fitness and wellness news and tips that related to the challenge, success stories, tips or photos from other participants as well as weekly rewards or drawings. “The Challenge was fun for all of the participants. We appreciated the newsletters every week. It made me think of how many opportunities we have to improve our lives every day.

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6. “Rewards matter.” – So many participants reported that one of the primary reasons they signed up for the challenge was “the opportunity develop healthy habits and impact a charity of choice.”  Every participant in the Triple Threat Challenge selected a charity, which would receive a $50 donation from their company upon their completion of the Challenge. However, participants also expected external rewards.  The surprise, (i) rewards do not have to be expensive to be highly sought after and (ii) participants are willing to do extra work to be in the lottery for a reward.

7.  “Results….Priceless!” Still wondering about ROI? Can a program like this really lead to a healthier lifestyle, lower levels of stress, increased engagement at work, boosted confidence and more? We’ll let our Employees and Dependents tell you what they thought:

“I feel better starting my day with a healthy breakfast, this makes a difference in my energy.  I have continued doing this since the challenge began.”

“The Challenge helped some people to eat more fruits and vegetables, while others came back to exercising regularly after a long break.”

“Success often comes with small but powerful changes so some of the successes that count for us include, sharing the wellness experience with our families.”

“I have realized that a lot of good people are around me :)”

“Rediscovered the many different varieties of fruits there are and how good they taste.”

“I really needed to push myself to get more sleep. It felt so good!”

“Dental health is very important and I am glad that it was recognized in this challenge.”

“Pay it Forward  challenge – The comments I received back were totally uplifting.  It made me feel the importance i have in the lives of others. This is something I am now trying to do every week.”

“It was really a change in the way I consume water, carrying the bottle all day makes it easy to keep hydrated.”

“It encouraged me to do something that was very easy to become a habit.”

I feel much better.”

“Helped me to focus on the good things I have going in my life.”

Year round, custom Healthy Lifestyle challenges are powerful, fun, easy and affordable ways to motivate employees and their families to learn about and develop or maintain healthy habits year round.® thanks the Printpack family for the opportunity to collaborate on a formidable wellness opportunity. Integrating Wellness opportunities within companies clearly demonstrate Printpack’s passion for wellness and commitment to helping employees and their families grow. It fosters confidence, leadership, and collaboration and creates a powerful sense of community.


“I loved this challenge; it made me challenge myself in ways I never dreamt of….I feel I have grown a lot due to this challenge. Do this challenge again in a couple of months, not just once a year.”® – Innovative provider of evolutionary corporate wellness programming and communications. Click here to learn more. 

Copyright 2011 Tour de Fit, LLC.

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