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ATLANTA – Whole Foods Market BUCKHEAD wants you to Rock Ya’ Chakra. Yoga, 5K Run, & Wellness Block Party

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Locally FIT in ATLANTA – Whole Foods Market BUCKHEAD wants you to Rock Ya’ Chakra at their first Yoga, 5K Run, & Wellness Block Party. Hotlanta is cooling down so it’s the perfect time … Continue reading

Pilates: Tune up for a Celebrity and Athletes Body with Revivo Method!

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If you are heading to the beach this summer you may want to copy celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Greene, and Alessandra Ambrosio and try Pilates.  Pilates; it’s never boring … Continue reading

Provider Spotlight: Pa-Kua Health

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  Pa-Kua Health, located in North Hollywood, California is a premiere fitness and wellness facility dedicated to teaching the Pa-Kua philosophy through unique and dynamic classes. The Pa-Kua philosophy encompasses ancient Chinese … Continue reading

Introducing the Wellness App, Powered by Yo-Fi Wellness

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It’s no secret that one of the biggest obstacles to staying fit is our demanding schedules, as work, family demands and personal responsibilities often leave very little time for personal fitness and … Continue reading

Introducing: Studio ANYA in NYC

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Studio ANYA in New York City is where we meet to practice Yoga, Pilates and Healing. While ANYA is a movement philosophy inspired by Transcendentalism, Eastern Spirituality, Western Psychology and Healing Arts … Continue reading

Be Cool.

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Cool down periods following intense workouts get overlooked more than Christopher Nolan’s directing at the Oscars. We get it: you’re tired, sweaty and ready to head home after a long workout- why … Continue reading

Stretching it out with TourDeFIT

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Take a moment, stand up, and stretch. Yes, you. Step away from the computer and stretch yourself out: touch your toes, reach up to the sky, and twist your spine once or … Continue reading

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