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10 PRESS ups – News and Deals. Skype Vet, Blast Fat, CorePower, Run for Cash for Charity App and more….

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PET HEALTH – Skype a vet. We’re loving Pawsquad.  On-demand access to a vet via video consultation and we are talking any kind of pet whether it’s your pooch, horse, cat, snake … Continue reading

Pilates: Tune up for a Celebrity and Athletes Body with Revivo Method!

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If you are heading to the beach this summer you may want to copy celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Greene, and Alessandra Ambrosio and try Pilates.  Pilates; it’s never boring … Continue reading

On Board for Sexy Abs this Summer: Top 5 Reasons You Need to Try YOGAqua!

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While we can’t guarantee you’ll have the abs of Gisele Bundchen, her hubby Tom Brady, or Sarah Tiefenthaler; we can guarantee you will work your abs while having a ton of fun. Sarah … Continue reading

Daily Pressup – Daily Pressup –Antibiotics Cut in Meat, Best Abs: Male in Ballet or Kelly Ripa, Snug Flight, Bachelor Fiancé and Foo Fighters Wife Bikini ready, Federer Represents and forms Team8!

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Kelly Ripa shows off her taut body and incredible six-pack as she does a shoulder stand. The co-host of ABC’s Live! With Kelly And Michael posted the photo with a shout out … Continue reading

How I Lost 50 Pounds in 4 Months with 4 Simple Steps

Posted in Abs, Diet, Fitness, Motivation, Weight Loss, Wellness 2 Comments »

After years of struggling with weight-loss diets, supplements, and training programs, I discovered the secret to easy weight loss, increased energy, and overall abundant health. In fact, it had such an impact … Continue reading

Up and About: Post 4th of July Workouts!

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Most of us workout extremely hard to be “swimsuit ready” for the 4th of July, but how do we cope with ourselves after all the eating and drinking during the long weekend? … Continue reading

Grip Aids-Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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A self-proclaimed grip aid addict, I believe grip aids enable me to practice more confidently and most importantly help me not fall off the pole. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter … Continue reading

Get A Summer Body- Now!

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Summer Body Now is a multi-faceted company that provides personal training, weight loss and nutrition in-person in Utah and online regardless of your location. The program is based on a whole body … Continue reading

Introducing the Wellness App, Powered by Yo-Fi Wellness

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It’s no secret that one of the biggest obstacles to staying fit is our demanding schedules, as work, family demands and personal responsibilities often leave very little time for personal fitness and … Continue reading

Beach Workout Anyone?

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With warm weathers rapidly approaching, it’s about time to start looking forward to some well-deserved beach relaxation. Ok, maybe it’s just a tad early to be hitting the dunes, but a little … Continue reading

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