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Bringing Pilates Plus to Boston by Way of The Studio Empower!

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In the words of Julia Roberts, “We’ve got moves you’ve never seen.” Thanks to our latest blog series, FIT YOUR FANCY, you will no longer be able to tell us that exercise is boring, or that you can’t find something you like enough to motivate you to lace up after a day at your desk. Your TourdeFIT team is hitting the gym to try out the latest, the greatest and the re-vamped workouts in the world of fitness to show that pain = gain when it comes to achieving your exercise goals. Check out our weekly reports on new discoveries, trends and classes that actually make you look forward to your sweat sessions, further proving that “healthy hour” is the new happy hour.

This week we are highlighting The Studio Empower in Newton Centre, MA!

Studio Empower 1

For those West Coast fans of ours, we’re sure that you have heard of the latest craze called Pilates Plus. This total body workout is like no other and for those of us on the East Coast, we FINALLY have a place where we can give Pilates Plus a try. It’s about time! That’s why we were thrilled when we came across this gem of a studio and could not wait to reach out and learn more.

The Studio Empower offers an innovative and dynamic workout designed by LA Celebrity trainer and fitness guru, Sebastien Lagree.  Lagree Fitness™ (formerly, SPX Fitness or best known as Pilates Plus) incorporates the basic principles of traditional Pilates but has transformed itself into a high intensity, low impact workout using strength training – allowing for all fitness levels to achieve sculpted and toned physiques quickly and safely. Newton is the first Lagree fitness studio in the world to introduce clients to the Megaformer, M3 (the latest member of the Megaformer family – just released the end of January 2013!)  Basically, if a Lamborghini and a Pilates reformer had a child, this would be it! Celebrity and fitness trainers alike are raving about this workout.

Full disclosure: I am a yogini at heart. I’ve tried Zumba, CrossFit, Aerobics, Spin, Mat Pilates, Kickboxing, you name it. I’m all about giving any type of workout a shot and trying something at least once. I have to admit that after my first Studio Empower experience, I’m now a fan and it’s right up there with my preferred types of working out. The studio is located in Piccadilly Square and directly across from the Green Line “D” Newton Centre T Stop. It can’t get much more convenient than that. I decided to drive since I was in the area. There is a parking lot directly behind the studio with plenty of spaces available. If you opt to park on the street, just be mindful to bring some change, as some of the pay stations are not yet credit-card friendly, though I’m sure that will change within time.

I walked into the studio and was immediately greeted by Mo—a super sweet instructor. The energy was warm, friendly, and just what I look for when trying out new workouts. I’m a firm believer in first impressions and The Studio Empower did not let me down. I got there a little early before noon to check the space out. I don’t think I have ever seen a workout place so spotless. I have to admit—the reformer was totally intimidating to me at first but Mo showed me how it works, what to expect, and talked about the mastermind behind the workout (Sebastien Lagree). Even better, she told me that Sebastien would be visiting The Studio Empower to work with their instructors in the near future. To me, this demonstrates their commitment to honor the workout and stay up to date with providing quality instruction. There were eight reformer machines and the class was full. We learned about different moves and truly worked every muscle in our bodies. The workout takes 45 minutes and was full of sculpting, toning, balancing, and calorie burning. We also periodically stopped to stretch and Mo threw in a few yoga moves to help lengthen and stretch our muscles—which was an added bonus for me. We worked on legs, obliques, arms, core, glutes…you name it. The concept behind Pilates Plus is to create muscle fatigue. I can carve out 45 minutes any day to do that. I felt it in all parts of my body and I am now even more addicted to this incredible workout. Not to mention it’s fun to glide, slide, and utilize the various parts of the reformer. Overall—a great workout from head to toe!


1. Have Fun! The reformer looks complicated at first, but it really isn’t. Play around with the weights and see what works for you.

2. Sign up early. Classes book up fast so make sure you log onto your account and reserve your spot in advance.

3.  Purchase the grip socks. Not only will this help with your balance and performance, but also it’s more hygienic.

4.  Arrive early to stretch and prepare for the class. The workout is 45 minutes, so make sure you stretch your muscles before hopping onto the reformer.

5. Wear comfortable clothing. Your body will move and you want to be able to comfortably transition from workout to workout.

6. If you have questions—ask! That’s what the instructor is there for. If you’re not sure if your feet or hips are in the correct alignment, just get clarification. The more you know, the more productive your workout will be.

All in all, my trip to The Studio Empower was a wonderful experience. I wish the owners the best of luck—although it’s safe to say that this business will be around for a long time. Many thanks for a great first experience at Pilates Plus! Visit them at: contributor, Jamie

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