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One of the most popular and cutting-edge pieces of equipment in the fitness World is the TRX suspension cables system. Developed by a former marine whose goal was to engineer a system that would deliver top-notch strength training workouts in limited time and space, the TRX allows you to use your body weight in a variety of resistance based exercises. It hooks up to any door frame, and can give you a quick and effective workout when you’re too busy for the gym or simply interested in adding a new dynamic to your strength training regime. Retailing at $190, the TRX system represents a substantial investment, but its portability and versatility make it a worthwhile choice when you’re strapped for time or looking to mix up your program. 

Whether your gym is equipped with the TRX system or you have one for at home and on the road, there are a variety of full body exercises available to you. All of these moves should be performed in 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. 

Hip Press

Lying on your back, place your feet securely into the foot cradles while flexing your ankles and pressing down with your heels. Engage your core and butt, lifting your hips off the floor and keeping your body straight and rigid.

Exhale and press your hips towards the ceiling without allowing your lower back to arch. Inhale and slowly return your hips to the starting position. 

Single-arm Row

Hold the TRX handles in your right hand, facing the anchor point. Stand with your left foot slightly ahead of the right, both feet facing forward. Bring your right arm to chest height and straighten your elbow, keeping your wrist straight. 

Slowly leaning backwards, shift your body weight over your back leg. Exhale and slowly bend your right elbow, pulling your body up towards the cable. Do not allow your torso to twist or your wrist to bend. 

While keeping your torso rigid, inhale and slowly lower your body back to the starting position, straightening your elbow. The intensity of this exercise can be increased by positioning your body further away from the TRX anchor point, so experiment with what works best for you.

Overhead Triceps Extension

With your back facing the anchor point, hold the TRX handles in each hand with your arms over your head and your elbows pointing forward at a 90 degree angle. 

Exhale, straightening your elbows and pressing your body away from your arms. Keep your upper arms stationary, your elbows pointing forward and your wrists in a neutral position. 

While keeping your torso rigid, inhale and slowly lower your body back to the starting position. Again, where you are standing in relation to the anchor point in this exercise can be adjusted to achieve optimal resistance. 

Atomic Pushup

Lying on your stomach, place your feet into the TRX foot cables, applying downward pressure with the tops of your feet by pointing your toes. Put your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart. 

Exhale and push your body up off the floor until your elbows are straight, with your torso in a rigid plank position.  Make sure to keep your back straight.

With your feet together, pull your legs towards your chest with your knees straight, allowing your hips to rise upwards. Continue this movement until your hips are directly over your shoulders. Keep your back straight.

Bring your body back down to the plank position, keeping your torso rigid. Inhale and slowly lower your body into a push-up. Touch your chest to the floor. Return to the starting position. 

Suspended Lunge

Stand in front of the anchor point and interlock the two TRX handles together, supporting yourself as you loop the foot cradle around the ball of your right foot. Turn to face away from the anchor point, with your left leg aligned with the anchor point and your right foot flexed at the ankle. 

Bend your right knee 90 degrees. Inhale while tensing your abs, and bending your left knee slowly to the floor. Keep your body weight over the heel of your standing foot. Lower yourself until your right thigh and torso form a straight line, keeping your left shinbone slightly ahead of the ball of your left foot. 

Exhale and press your body upward, returning to the starting position.  If you’re in need of a challenge after having mastered this movement, try performing it explosively and without rest in between reps. 

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