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Provider Spotlight: BLAST900

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The BLAST900 Team calls their program the ultimate workout,
and based on the results that we’ve seen, we’re inclined to agree. Inspired by
the exercise science behind muscle confusion, BLAST900’s unique interval based
workout “shocks” the body out of its comfort zone with a combination of
cardiovascular and strength training moves that have participants continually
burning calories for the next 24 hours. And with the potential to burn 900
calories in just an hour-long class, how could you go wrong? With two
successful locations in the metro-Atlanta area, the BLAST900 Team is preparing
to open a new studio in Charleston, SC. We sat down with BLAST900’s owner Missi
Wolf, to discuss their new location, the benefits of interval training, and
what a difference positive reinforcement can make in maximizing results.


Missi on The BLAST900
“It’s an interval based workout for the masses in a group
fitness setting. You have all of the energy of up to 24 people in a class, with
12 treadmills, as well as an open floor space. The concept revolves around
cardio on the treadmill and resistance work on the floor, but the routine
changes every single time. So not only is the body confused during class, but
nobody ever gets bored- clients and instructors included. We are constantly
varying our program, throwing our clients’ bodies all different types of
challenges, so there’s no chance of plateauing. That’s what’s great about
muscle confusion: there’s always room to grow.”

 Missi on the typical
BLAST900 participant:
“People from all over the spectrum take our classes.
The thing that makes BLAST so unique is that we cater to people of all different
fitness levels. We’ve literally had an NFL player in class next to a 65-year-old
woman. And the way that we allow for this is to offer different speed options
on the treadmill, as well as different resistance options for our strength
training segments. Our classes allow for varied levels of fitness and we let
everyone work at their own pace. We offer something called a BLASTProfile, which includes
a personalized fitness assessment, a nutritional evaluation, and introduces
clients to Heart Rate Coaching. We also really encourage our clients to use
heart rate monitors as this really allows them to maximize the results of their
workout in a way that is safe and effective.”

Missi on BLAST900
“Our instructors have a really varied background. We look for
our instructors to be very energetic and positive. A unique aspect of BLAST is
that we motivate using positive reinforcement. It’s not like a bootcamp where
you’re going to have someone screaming at you. We talk a lot about interacting
with clients in that our classes have a personal training feel to them but in a
group setting. Although each instructor has their own style, we look for
personalities that we feel will mesh with our clientele.”

Missi on BLAST 900’s
new Charleston Location:
“Our new Charleston Studio is our first location
outside of Atlanta, and a part of the 200 to 250 store expansion over the next
8 years. This location will be in the Mt. Pleasant Community. We’re really
excited to begin serving this community. Customer service is so important to
us- we provide water and towels for our clients. Everything is set up already,
so you don’t have to do anything but sign in and workout. We’re excited to
bring this model to Charleston.”

Missi on the BLAST900
“We’re trying to help every person who walks in our door,
regardless of their fitness level, feel successful and confident in reaching
their health and wellness goals. For us, it’s always about the individual, and
customer service is number one.  Even
though there’s up to 24 people in a class, it’s the one on one connection that
our instructors make with our clients that makes everyone feel comfortable and
keeps our clients coming back. We have many people who are initially
intimidated, who feel that the class might be too difficult for them. But with
BLAST, the first class is always free, and we say just come in and give it a

Missi on the one
thing that people are most likely to say upon leaving a BLAST900 class:
is the best workout that I’ve ever had in my life.”

To learn more about Blast900 or to book a class, visit check out their Profile Page


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