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April Wellness News Wrapup

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Each month the team picks some of the most interesting and sometimes crazy fitness and wellness articles of the month from around the world.  To track it weekly, simple check out our facebook page.

Junk food diet in pregnancy gets even baby hooked – Times of India

Although our research shows that many of the long-term health problems associated with maternal junk food diets can be avoided if offspring carefully follow a healthy diet after weaning, they are always going to have a predisposition for over …

As has a great selection of race discount codes for 2013 we thought you might enjoy this blog article:  11 Themed Races Putting the Fun Back in Running – Diets In Review (blog)

American Heart Association president personal terrifying stroke story. USA Today

Donna Arnett, president of the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, plays with her dog Sam Sunday as they wait to compete in a K9 agility competition in Murfreesboro, Tenn. She had a stroke at age 27.

Yoga can help Catherine Zeta-Jones fight bipolar disorder: Subodh Gupta – Obesity Campaign UK

Celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta, the scientific yoga is known to alter levels of chemicals in our brain, such as serotonin, affecting mood and can create changes in the brain that can help Catherine Zeta-Jones reduce distress and fight …

The Top 10 Cities For Yoga In The U.S. – Forbes

You don’t have to look much further than the end of the block to see a yoga studio in many cities these days. Celebrity practitioners like Lady Gaga, Dr. Oz, Robert Downey Jr. and Russell Simmons have lent buzz to the ancient practice, and doctors…

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